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Our Program

Betterment Recovery was created to provide a safe and structured environment for individuals who have made the decision to live drug and alcohol free lives. At Betterment Recovery we have made it our mission to help transform the lives of our clients in a supportive recovering community and guide them on a path of spiritual, social, mental and physical growth. Residents may attend an outpatient program while also attending recovery meetings. Our experienced staff will teach important social skills such as responsibility, accountability and healthy communication. Furthermore they will provide guidance on important topics such as accessing further education, obtaining employment, and budgeting. We believe in treating people holistically which includes proper nutrition and fitness. Clients will be assigned certified recovery and life coaches that will create individually tailored plans with attainable goals. This will equip clients with knowledge about their disease, how to handle difficult situations and important relapse prevention skills. At Betterment Recovery we take great honor in assisting you on your journey to a better life.

Why Sober Living?

People often take short cuts in recovery, leading to disastrous outcomes or relapse. It takes time to emotionally stabilize, develop personal responsibility, and learn to break old destructive patterns.
Structured sober living minimizes exposure to temptation, risky places, situations and people. Studies show that people who live in structured sober living have a higher success rate of staying clean and sober and transforming their lives compared to people who immediately return to their former living situation.

What is Unique About Our Program?

What makes our program unique? Our residents will be set up with their own 1-on-1 Certified Life Coach and/or Recovery Coach to ensure that every resident’s recovery is personalized. Our Life and Recovery Coaches work with residents to create an empowering recovery plan. We structure accountability into the plan to evoke responsibility and create results. In coaching, we focus on defining attainable goals and building a vision for a life of purpose and aliveness. Not only are our clients encouraged to sustain long term sobriety, but they are also inspired to go after a life of fulfillment and balance.

Our Mission

In the safe and structured sober living environment at Betterment Recovery, in addition to teaching and equipping clients with the life skills, accountability, and necessary support for their recovery, we also provide coaching to establish goals to create real transformative change, and lead productive, forward-thinking, and sober lives.

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